Chinese horoscope february 3 2020

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See general introduction to Monkey Fortune in Luck Prediction by Month Will i b successful in my career and get the new job this last 3 months? Krithika, the prediction shows that the golden chances may appear in October and December.

Love is omnipresent…

You should catch the opportunities timely. I wonder if will be better or worse. What are the ways I can bring more luck. I have been into buying lucky charms but i have not seen significant change. Here under are some lucky elements of Chinese zodiac Monkey sign: Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 8 Lucky Colors: white, gold, blue Lucky Flowers: chrysanthemum, alliums Lucky Directions: north, northwest, west In addition, don't be so upset. The prediction indicates that your luck will become better next year.

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Chinese Calendar FAQ about February 7, 2020:

You will have a good fortune in your career this year. However, you may also have too much working pressure. If you have work harder and harder, you may get some chances to get a promotion or gain increased salary. Answered by Raymond H. Answered by Vivian Aug. As I know, the situation, there won't have any big ups and downs in This flying star brings bad luck, causes life blockages, and nightmares. The Flying Star 7 brings legal processes, gossip, and scandals. Regarding the color of the furniture, the Feng Shui specialists claim that in , there is no standard color that can be used in all the houses, but it is important how the nine energies associated with the five basic elements are displayed.

Personality and characteristics

The furniture can be green, blue, red, purple, yellow, white etc. In , attracting love by using the Feng Shui art can be accomplished only after performing an analysis of the space where we live and only if we sleep surrounded by the best energy, the energy of human harmony, which can attract a partner according to our desires and it can create stability and longevity in the couple. To attract luck , we need a Feng Shui analysis of , of the house or office and to properly apply the remedies.

There are no talismans that could permanently bring us luck.

Year of the Rat 2020

We can wear a medallion with the image of an animal from the Chinese zodiac , if we face a penalty year or if, for ten years, the animals from our destiny and those from the period we are going through are in collision. South is not very favorable in , because it is governed by the Illness Star. This flying star sometimes indicates health issues, especially for the older women or women who are pregnant, and difficulties concerning real estate investments.

If this is not possible, you need to minimalize the bad omen effluxions from here by placing Feng Shui remedies. The Northwest of the Lo Shu square is considered the sector of prosperity. It is associated with happiness, fame and wealth, with reaping the fruits of your hard work, your efforts. If the main house door is situated here, you can expect important benefits out of your investments and a notable advancement in your career. Money Frog will bring you wealth. Check Price Golden Elephant It symbolizes power, wisdom, strength, fertility, and home protection.

Check Price. The Southwest part of your property is influenced by an extremely auspicious star for any study or educational activity.

Which type of Rat are people born in 2020 Chinese Zodiac Year?

Moreover, this flying star is also representing arts and literature. Those who have a job or activate in an occupational field related to study can evolve in their enterprises. If your children are going to school or college, or any of your family members are researchers, artists or writers, have them established in the south area of the house, so they can enjoy the benefits of this Flying Star. This Flying Star reflects the power, the status, the authority obtained through hard and perseverant work.

February 3 Birthday horoscope - zodiac sign for February 3th

For this reason, the Southeast side is an excellent sector to use in case you want to move up the professional hierarchy or if you want to gain recognition and appreciation for your career achievements. Beware though! In case your bedroom is also placed in this sector, you can be affected by negative dispositions that could induce loneliness and sadness feelings or generate sudden changes, especially at work!

Check Price Ru Yi create a unique chi, which will have the ability to increase career luck, generate respect and recognition Check Price Elephant Statue It symbolizes power, wisdom, strength, fertility, and home protection. Emerged in the Centre sector in , this Flying Star can cause some impulsive momentary emotions, thus causing disputes, violence and gossip and also health issues that could lead to hospitalization or surgical interventions.

The couples using this space can go through frequent quarrels and misunderstandings. In case your bedroom is placed here, beware of thieves or financial losses. More than that, the Flying Star 7 can announce fierce competitions and rivalry at work.

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  • To remove such negative energies, it is recommended to place a Feng Shui remedy, such as Yin Water in sector 7 of your house. Check Price Blue Rhino and Elephant Amulet endurance, longevity, peace, harmony, authority, good luck and success Check Price Blue Dragon for those who suffer from illnesses with speedy recovery. The name of the star indicates its capacity to multiply and to redirect the influence of other stars.

    Almost always, it signifies good news, happy events and a career promotion.

    AQUARIUS Year of the RAT Yang-Metal Jan 2020 – Feb 2021 Horoscope Astrology Predictions

    It is also said that it brings popularity, prestige, glory and beauty. Because of that, the west zone of your home represents a favorable sector for starting something new, which might also include initiating another professional route. Right after the center zone, the west zone is considered to be on the second place in terms of increasing prosperity.

    If you have a door in this zone, try to use it as often as possible in order to progress in your financial activities. The couples that plan to get married or to start a family can gain substantial benefits from the auspicious energies of this space. The north side of your house is occupied by Flying Star 3, which is correlated to bad luck, lawsuits, disputes, defamation and money loss.

    Water element must be avoided in this sector, while Fire element is recommended, due to its capacity to weaken the influences of this Flying Star. It is said that people who suffer of health issues such as liver, upper and lower limbs affections, must avoid this region of their home.

    The most affected by the energy of this Flying Star are those born under the Ox and Tiger zodiac signs and those with Kua number 8. In , to oppose the power of the Quarrelsome Star, display in the North side one or more of the following remedies:. In the past years, the energies of this Flying Star had been excellent for gaining prosperity, recognition and good luck.