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Both Capricorn and Aquarius are quite cool emotionally and prefer fun sex to the heavy or overly romantic. As a matter-of-fact, sex was likely the initial attraction and could continue to be the life's blood of the relationship. Still, earthy Capricorn can be an important grounding force for eccentric Aquarius, and Capricorn's life will never be dull with an unconventional Aquarian. The most difficult and unpredictable couplings for Capricorn are flirty and indecisive Libra, elusive Pisces, curious and distractible Gemini, and "it's always about me" Leo. Capricorn and Libra can expect a lot of dissension, debate, and a potential falling out when they get involved.

Of course, there's always the possibility that Libra's friendly upbeat nature can loosen Capricorn up, and that Capricorn will inspire Libra to stop vacillating and take a stand. If this happens, these two might be able to work their relationship out. Frankly, Capricorn could find Pisces a bit slippery, and Pisces could feel emotionally neglected and move on.

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However, the differences between them do create a strong attraction and if they stay together long enough, it's possible they'd make a perfect blend of stability, trust, and emotional excitement. But, this will be a tricky relationship to make work. In most cases, Gemini and Capricorn won't even be attracted to one another. However, if by some strange chance there should be an attraction, any relationship formed between these two will be a challenging, awkward, and complicated affair, to say the least.

It's hard to resist the charm of an enthusiastic Leo , but Leo might be a bit extravagant and ostentatious for a pragmatic Capricorn. Of course, playful Leo can show Capricorn a good time, and Capricorn could prove the value of hard work to Leo. Certainly, both Capricorn and Leo are ambitious and will admire one another, but a relationship of any kind between these two would require a lot of adjustments that could be frustrating to both. Certainly, there are unlikely couples who are absolutely devoted to one another, and sometimes a perfect match turns out less than perfect in the end.

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So don't forget Sun sign compatibility is just a general guide. Relationship astrology requires much more than a comparison of Sun signs. In relationship astrology, i. Capricorn often gets a bad rap and probably takes the prize for being the most misunderstood sign of the Zodiac. It's true most Capricorns need solitude, have a stoic manner about them and when people don't know them well, they may seem aloof, uncaring, and even downright boring. But that's far from the truth. Aquarius can help Capricorn to dream more and possibly stand up for their beliefs.

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Aquarius sees life as an random exploration, while Capricorn looks for a specific result. At times, these two may understand where the other is coming from. Conflicts can arise in this relationship if Capricorn becomes overly regimented or Aquarius drifts off too often into flights of fancy. Both can be implacable, opinionated and stubborn. Both partners have an intense drive to obtain objects of their desire.

Capricorn prefers to generate the ideas and to dole out the assignments.

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Aquarius is pleased to help Capricorn out if they are given a substantial role. Conflicts may occur due to the pigheadedness of both Signs. This relationship will be enlightening and a delight to both partners. Their love will be a valid asset, not only to themselves, but to those around them. So I have a question for all male Capricorns.

Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of making out. He does not want to feel 'typical' in any sense of the word. Learning how to read the signs when a man is not interested in you will save you from wasting time pursuing a relationship that will never happen. I just told a young woman basically the same thing in my blog - when the messages are mixed, the bad ones are the bottom line. She would think that he is shy and slow, while the Capricorn man is a firework. The basic qualities of reliability, trustworthiness, and loyalty are still there in his makeup even if he is not ready to spend an entire getaway weekend with you after three months.

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  8. Capricorn has a serious aversion to taking risks that can lead to his heart being broken. Capricorn Man in Bed The goat Greatest of all time can be a champ in sack but always respectful of your boundaries.

    How compatible are Sagittarius women and Capricorn men mentally, emotionally and sexually? The best word to describe the Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man is opposite. The man under this sign works hard to achieve two main goals: profitable and potentially profitable.

    Aquarius and Capricorn Love Compatibility

    Mars in Capricorn is not going to make a fool of himself with. I will ditch anyone who even remotely plays games. Capricorn December 22 — January IP: Logged. His physical appearance will also portray strength. So even if they look like they are not interested in you, they might be. Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign, symbolized by the goat and ruled by planet Saturn. If he's not making an effort or he's not treating you with respect, that's a sign to move on. A Capricorn man can provide you with a roof in a storm as well as keep you warm on a freezing winter night.

    Capricorn man and Scorpio woman are blessed with an amazing sexual equation which makes them a wonderful couple.

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    This star sign is no quitter and if a Capricorn dumps you, it can only be for one reason: you're getting in the way of their ambitions or holding. Be Natural and Never Superficial While this is a tip that can be applied to everyone, it rings truer to the Capricorn man who doesn't like anything superficial. Here are some of the things you should know and do if you are interested in a Capricorn man.

    She will guide her husband toward success. Ive dated a Capricorn and one of my best friends is a Capricorn male.

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    The reason you are not getting asked out is that he is scared of getting rejected again. They are someone who is sincere as well as innocent. If the Capricorn man wants the attention of the Scorpio woman, he needs to be mysterious as well. They can both be moody and unpredictable which is something that can break them if they are not careful. If you can stand it, you'll love him. Your focus needs to be directed towards finding out if there are genuine reasons he can't see you.

    An "I realize you aren't a mind-reader, so I'll tell you what I want" righteous sister.

    If you are wondering how he feels about you then, by observing the signs as mentioned earlier, it will be easy to determine whether a Capricorn man likes you. Capricorn woman - information and insights on the Capricorn woman.