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Aquarius is willing to investigate interesting people, and Gemini with more than one side, having more dimension than most—will charm Aquarius.

They'll end up asking questions to themselves about why Gemini is functioning the way they are. Gemini will treasure Aquarius—they will love its calm, wise demeanor.

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They also are big hearts for Aquarius to lean on when Aquarius has an inevitable blowout. The water bearer image is true—Aquarius will eventually pour out an impressive amount of emotion, usually under crisis, extreme concern, or unrelenting change. Aquarius and Gemini both desire to be accomplished. They want to take on the world in some way or another.

Gemini should be careful not to overwhelm Aquarius with competition. Gemini, in my opinion, is much more competitive and could overshoot the Aquarius by constantly wanting to be aggressive. Aquarius is chill and doesn't care about competition as much. Also, if you are constantly thinking about competition you are not focusing on developing your emotional connection, you're not putting yourself out there in a vulnerable way—which both of you need to do to get the momentum going.

Libra offers more vulnerability than other wind signs. The two enjoy exploring ideas to the full extent. Aquarius will go to the depth of an idea; Gemini will master each idea. Where they are probably going to connect well is through talking. Problem: Aquarius can detach from their emotions in conversation. It can be difficult for the two to latch to each other. They are both freedom lovers, and so it can be weird to have both want to fully commit to each other.

To get over the platonic parts, focus on how you are feeling and speak from there, try new things don't get stuck in a routine, explore creativity for emotions and emotional growth, go on adventures. Gemini, in my opinion, will be more comfortable initiating. horoscope zodiac western astrology gemini wristband bracelet braided leather glo

Aquarius will do so on its own terms, but I think Aquarius, especially women, will want you to initiate so they can decide what to do with you. They don't like doing both roles unless they have to, and you would have to be worth it for them to live both in a yang and yin state. Gemini, with its duality, could probably flip from yin to yang much easier. Aquarius will fall for Gemini's leadership and capacity for pulling up ideas. I feel like Gemini is what makes the flowers pop up from the ground, and Aquarius finds that exciting—like—wow! I didn't know those flowers existed or could exist, and now I can think about them and what they really mean, thank you Gemini for bringing up these interesting ideas.

Gemini likes Aquarius because Aquarius as the winter sign helps create a clean slate for Gemini. No, Aquarius isn't a clean freak sign—turn to the Virgo for that. But Aquarius is calm, chill, loving, thoughtful—and this can soften Gemini's busy nature to bring up more flowers, noise, and insanity than necessary.

Why Gemini and Aquarius Make a Steamy Match

Of course, Aquarius also brings up its own insanity, but it comes from a different place. Aquarius has a great desire for the world to be authentic, and therefore they delve deeply into what is the truth, oddly making them come off fringe or out of the norm. Many people don't care about truth to this degree, nor understand the vibe Aquarius is creating by this focus on truth.

Both can totally be their selves around the other. This is a great thing since both often feel held back for different reasons—because they are too much for others, feel misunderstood, or delve into less socially acceptable ideas. It's hard for either to really, honestly out weird the other.

But there is continual fascination since both have strong, beautiful minds Do not try to get into the other person's psyche and try to change the internal process of your partner. Probably good advice for any relationship—but for you two, you must know the other person is too complicated for you to nurture in this way. You could easily get lost in the other person's mind, which is why you like the conversations -- but there is no beginning, middle, or end to your thoughts. You can't contain either; so it won't be as easy to compress and understand as others.

You have constant thought. This is important because you need to accept the genius of the other person, it is not like you, but still highly effective and often capable of reaching the same conclusions. Honestly, this is why the two of you are so compatible to begin with. Gemini will have more of a temper being in the early part of the zodiac. Be careful not to lose your voice or get too hefty into a shouting match with Aquarius who doesn't operate that way.

Aquarius can detach and understand that's you, and they don't need to be threatened by you. But if you push an Aquarius too much with anger—the Aquarius will leave out of self-protection. Aquarius remember to initiate with your Gemini. They love giving you freedom, but your capacity to go off the grid is too great. Make sure to check in with your partner, let them know how you feel, why you like them, and that you have ideas for the relationship.

Gemini will appreciate your efforts. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hey i am a geminian Hi im a Gemini woman with an Aquarius man and this could not be more true. Kudos to you! I am Gemini guy, into an acquarius female all the way from college days, she is all I ever wanted and I call her my perfect halve, soon to get married. I felt him Spiritually before we met Physically he choose to meet on his Bday.

Gemini June 2019: Unexpected Love Offers Rushing In Gemini ❤

I was like ok!!!!! What were the first words I said to him well? What y'all think? Hello Gemini Woman here!!!!! Ok Give up??!!! As he was walking up the stairs to me I blurted out.

When we getting married??? Just started dating an Aquarius man So intense. Your synopsis has been accurate in my experience as a Gemini woman so far. Our connection is brilliant, but they are def times where we both feel detached. However, as soon as we are in each others presence it is the most peaceful and fulfilling feeling ever. I adore my Aquarius man and I am still learning so much about him.

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Well, I'm a Gemini woman who has dated 3 Aquarius men and am in a relationship with one now. I have a mom, 2 year old aqua girl, and brother who are all Aquarius. What can I say? I can't get enough of them. I will say I have noticed that I can be emotionally overwhelming for them at times. Also I am genuine source of support and encouragement for when my aqua man is down.

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I struggle with the "disappearing act" that they pull, though. It is important that communication and trust is solid, so that the Gemini does not feel insecure or have wandering thoughts when the aqua disappears. Other than that, the connection is amazong, the chemistry and attraction is amazing. It even can become as if gem and aqua can feel one another even when they're apart. Im a gemini woman and have an aquarius male friend whom I visited on a vacation.

There was so much chemistry between the two of us, got along very well. Its like we could read each ither's minds. The connection was satisfactory It was just out of this world but its a bit scary to see what could happen if things escalated. Aquarius is very sweet, wise and caring I have to admit, being an Aquarius who was into Scorpio relationships Much more Gemini in my opinion since he loves to communicate.

Besides, Halloween is supposed to be fun, although, with social media, it's kind of hard to wing it, especially if you want to take an epic pic for the 'gram, of course. For the record, Halloween's astro weather is going to be quite interesting, to say the least. The reason I say that is because Venus, planet of love and relationships, will be making a strong opposition to electric Uranus, planet of unexpected change and revolution.

So, if you're single and ready to mingle, Oct. In fact, with Mercury the messenger sliding into adventurous Sagittarius that same day, chances are, you'll be feeling confident and spontaneous as ever. Are you ready to slay Halloween? OK, so how adorably fab are these gold horns?

This is all you, Aries. I mean, you could dress these up or down. Depends on your mood, you know? Are you feeling gold and bougie? Maybe you'll throw on a white robe, and make it whimsical. You can do anything. Taurus, you're a child of Venus in the flesh, so who better than you to rock this bomb Aphrodite look? The wig and headpiece are sold separately, so I say you replace it with a flower crown, and a comfortable pair of shoes, because we all know you're going to party.

Jekyll or Mr. The best part about this mask is, you can be two people at once, which is so typical of you, Gemini. Again, you can dress this up, and improvise this look however you please. Oh, Cancer. Everyone know you're a crabby crab, and these giant crab claws have your name written all over them. Let's be real, you could full blown dress up like a crab, or simply rock the all black look, along with these sharp little babies!

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Are you ready? Despite your mysterious demeanor and critical mindset, you're still a goddess nonetheless. These glittery gemstones will look amazing, and well, that way you can be glamorous while being practical: your fave.