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Communication planet Mercury is retrograde and meets your ruling planet Venus today, finding you having intriguing conversations about your career and reputation. Your attention shifts to your relationships as the moon enters your opposite sign Taurus. Reflect on the give-and-take in your partnerships today.

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Are things feeling fair? Mercury retrograde meets Venus, bringing you insight and opportunities that you may have previously missed. You're busy sprucing things up in the office and running errands as the moon enters Taurus. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde and meets Venus today, asking you to reconsider a sticky situation from a new point of view.

The moon enters Taurus and brings levity to your life, Capricorn, and intriguing conversations take place in your relationships as Mercury retrograde meets sweet Venus, asking you to reconsider a choice or conversation. The moon enters cozy earth sign Taurus, finding you eager to connect with your sense of home and family. Reconsiderations are made today as Mercury retrograde meets Venus.

You're running into people from your past as you go about your day! The moon enters Taurus and illuminates the communication sector of you chart, and chatty Mercury which is currently retrograde meets sweet Venus, finding you reuniting with people from your past. A missed connection may reconnect! Your focus turns to manifesting abundance and comfort as the moon enters luxurious earth sign Taurus.

He also did voice-over roles in various television commercials including the Skippy peanut butter commercials. In Burgess Meredith received a best supporting actor Academy Award nomination for his performance in Day of the Locust and was again nominated for Rocky The first time he won the Saturn Award was in for Magic and the second time in for Clash of the Titans Burgess Meredith suffered from violent mood swings were diagnosed as cyclothymia.

Burgess Meredith was married four times. His first wife was Helen Derby Berrien m. Lenz graduated from Rippowam High School in He later attended the University of Connecticut , where he majored in English and minored in Philosophy. After college, he won a competitive State of New York Graduate Council Fellowship enabling him to continue his studies. Lenz said that the core of his teachings were contained in his books, Snowboarding to Nirvana and Surfing the Himalayas , the latter of which is a national best-seller kept on the nightstand of singer and author Tina Turner.

Lenz's work, including his teaching and projects, focused on modern spiritual enlightenment through the application of Eastern religious principles.

The main themes of his teaching included the practice of meditation, living and working in the world, and the enlightenment of women. Lenz instructed students on methods for living more productive, fulfilled lives. He was an advocate of computer science and other mentally challenging professions as a means of achieving mental clarity. Lenz wrote he first went into samadhi , or a state of spiritual absorption, at the age of Beginning in , he became a student of Hindu guru Sri Chinmoy , who gave him the name "Atmananda" meaning "one who Bliss is in the Self".

It has been covered with layers of conditioning, lifetimes of tendencies and fear of the unknown. Through the practice of Self Discovery all these layers are peeled back eventually revealing one's true nature: perfect pure light. Lenz is quoted as saying, "It's necessary for you to have a strong base The strength and freedom to live a life of oneness.

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A great deal of the teaching that I do is about your ability to achieve financial independence. Throughout his 27 years as a teacher, he offered thousands of free public meditations where he introduced numerous people to meditation, some of whom became students. At the end of , he adopted the teaching name of "Rama", stating that he was not the historical Rama but rather represented a warrior quality implied in that name. His students wrote that they witnessed him perform miracles , or siddha powers, including levitation , teleportation , disappearing, turning rooms to molten gold light, projecting light from his hands, and transforming into an old, bearded Asian man before their eyes.

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They inspire me. Miracles cause you to believe, to have faith in the unseen, to look further into things, deeper into things. Miracles are the fun of enlightenment. Suddenly they have faith in what the teacher has to say about self-discovery and spirituality and enlightenment. Lenz's core teachings focused on the practice of meditation , mindfulness, the enlightenment of women, and living and working in the world as a Buddhist practice.

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Lenz was the producer for the rock band, Zazen. The band's name is taken from the Zen Buddhist term Zazen , literally, "seated meditation". Originally the band was named Nirvana until it was discovered that another band was using that name. A small number of Lenz's students became involved with several cult watchdog groups, including the CAN Cult Awareness Network and deprogrammers in particular, Joe Szimhart, who is accused of kidnapping and imprisoning several of Lenz' students. Lenz drowned in the bay next to his home on April 12, [33] , the victim of an apparent suicide. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism, which is headed by Dr.